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Give the "drunken pirate" teacher a break!

Chaos theory

Peak oil explains lack of UFOs


First look at today's voting

NBA refs: One Mississippi, two Mississippi ...

Deep Democratic dissatisfaction

Polls close in Indiana, no call yet

Obama wins in North Carolina

Chaos? Maybe not

CBS calls Indiana for Clinton

Race and the race

In speech, Obama looks to be a uniter

Did "crying rape" lead to murder?

Indiana race pulling closer

How important is the Rev. Wright to voters?

Clinton says "full speed on to the White House"

Will tonight be a "tiebreaker" or a "game changer?"

Networks call Indiana for Clinton

Red State Update: Summer movie buzz

Scott Bateman: In the future we still don't have jetpacks

TV Daily

"It looks like the end of the world here"

Why Mother's Day?

My husband doesn't want to have sex with me

Indie box office: "Mister Lonely" finds friends

"The Rabbi's Cat"

Helicopter travel in Iraq

The right's selective political manipulation of Catholicism

Night lands Clinton closer to oblivion

McCain embraces Bush's radical views of executive power

McCain supports cloning

"We lost this thing in February"

Quote of the day: Mildred Loving

David Lereah takes a turn as Chicken Little

Dems hold dueling conference calls

You too can investigate the Pentagon's pundit program

Clinton loses Limbaugh endorsement

Clinton backer McGovern now wants her to drop out

Who jinxed Gavin Floyd?

It can "just happen" at just about any age

Genetic modification kills sex drive in trout

"Grand Theft Auto IV" sales top $500 million in a week