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Justice Amy Coney Barrett defends the Supreme Court: We aren't a "bunch of partisan hacks" Jon Skolnik
The newest addition to the Supreme Court spoke at the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville on Sunday
09/13/2021 15:27 UTC
Will Supreme Court conservatives overturn Roe? Their casual contempt for women is not a good sign Amanda Marcotte
The GOP justices compared women's rights to white supremacy and spoke of adoption like it's donating used clothes
12/01/2021 20:00 UTC
How the gun lobby might help overturn Texas' abortion ban Kenneth Tran
The lawyer defending Texas' abortion law faced tough questioning from Trump's appointed justices
11/01/2021 20:25 UTC
How dark money fuels attacks on abortion rights worldwide Jake Johnson
A new report "further demonstrates the growing trend of religious extremists forging cross-border alliances"
12/04/2021 17:31 UTC
Republicans' anti-abortion crusade won't stop — even if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade Heather Digby Parton
If Roe is overturned, the right will have to keep upping the ante to keep their grassroots activists engaged
12/03/2021 15:46 UTC
Republicans simplify their defense of Texas abortion ban: Women are too stupid to have rights Amanda Marcotte
The Republican defense of the Texas abortion law at the Supreme Court assumes women are too dumb to handle choices
11/02/2021 17:12 UTC
The Republicans had a plan for their judges — and it went way beyond Roe v. Wade Lucian K. Truscott IV
Yes, the GOP’s takeover of the judiciary was aimed at ending abortion rights — and keeping themselves out of jail
12/04/2021 13:00 UTC
Justice Brett Kavanaugh tests positive for COVID ahead of first in-person Supreme Court session Igor Derysh
Supreme Court is scheduled to hold in-person arguments on Monday for the first time since the pandemic began
10/01/2021 15:57 UTC
The corporate state came for human rights lawyer Steven Donziger — and we're next Chris Hedges
Lawyer who stood up to Chevron gets a crushing lesson in corporate power — and who our judges really serve
10/13/2021 10:00 UTC
Barrett's remarks about judges not being "partisan hacks" were "straight-up trolling": legal analyst Sarah K Burris
Dahlia Lithwick relates Amy Coney Barrett's speech to being like something out of "The Onion"
09/14/2021 10:30 UTC
The Supreme Court's right-wing Catholics are destroying true religious freedom Phil Zuckerman - Andrew L. Seidel
Religious faith isn't the problem — but Texas ruling shows Supreme Court has been hijacked by Christian nationalism
09/14/2021 13:29 UTC
Supreme Court announces December date for case directly challenging Roe v. Wade Julia Conley
"The fate of Roe v. Wade and legal abortion is on the line"
09/21/2021 16:09 UTC
Supreme Court approval rating drops to record low Jon Skolnik
The court has faced a "swirl of partisan issues on their plate," including abortion, housing, and immigration
09/15/2021 21:46 UTC
The Supreme Court is on defense: Justices speak out to calm growing dissatisfaction Jon Skolnik
From Clarence Thomas to Stephen Breyer, Supreme Court justices have rushed to tamp down concerns in recent days
09/17/2021 16:28 UTC
Republicans thought the Supreme Court could stealthily ban abortion. They were wrong Amanda Marcotte
One judge's ruling shows that banning abortion through the backdoor won't be so easy
10/07/2021 17:13 UTC