Salon Talks: AnnaLynne McCord

The actress opens up about her rape and revealed on "Salon Talks" that if she saw the man who raped her more than 10 years ago, she would hug him and forgive him. While every survivor of sexual assault processes their experiences differently, actor AnnaLynne McCord told Salon's Alyona Minkovski that for her, "it was about my healing."

McCord talked about her role in a new comedy on POP TV, "Let's Get Physical," where she and her on-screen husband (played by Chris Diamantopoulos) are fitness fiends trying to win millions at an aerobics competition. "The circumstances are completely ridiculous and I think that's what's so fun about an escapism type show like this," McCord said. To hear more about the hilarious show, and McCord's work with women and children victimized by human trafficking and sexual violence watch the video above. And, check out Salon's interview with McCord's co-stars, Jane Seymour and Matt Jones here.

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