Me Too movement founder Tarana Burke

The #MeToo movement has exploded as a women’s empowerment movement, and while that’s positive for women, according to the movement’s founder, who coined the phrase “me too” more than 10 years ago, it takes attention off of sexual assault survivors.

Tarana Burke joined Salon’s Alyona Minkovski on “Salon Talks” and opened up about her years of work on sexual violence, the importance of shifting the narrative around what #MeToo means and the movement’s future. “It’s not about taking down powerful men, it’s not about focusing on perpetrators,” Burke said. “It’s not just about sexual harassment in the workplace, although that’s a part of it. It’s about interrupting sexual violence and finding resources to help survivors.”

After being named as one of Time Magazine’s 2017 persons of the year and appearing at the Golden Globes, Burke revealed to Salon why suddenly finding herself in the spotlight is a catch-22. Watch the video above to find out why she turned down an invitation to the State of the Union. Tune into SalonTV's live shows, "Salon Talks" and "Salon Stage", daily at noon ET / 9 a.m. PT and 4 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. PT, streaming live on Salon, Facebook and Periscope.

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