Dreamers redefine “American”

Journalist Laura Wides-Muñoz, who has covered immigration for over two decades, joins Salon’s Amanda Marcotte to share personal stories of five undocumented immigrants she chronicles in her new book “The Making of a Dream.” “One of the things that I wanted to show in the book was how many different perspectives there are within a movement. It’s not this unfiltered voice. It never has been,” Wides-Muñoz said.

According to Wides-Muñoz, who is also vice president for editorial strategy at Fusion TV, despite what side you fall on with the DACA debate, her book aims to pressure readers to reconsider the definition of “American.” Check out the video above to hear more on the future of DACA and why Dreamers’ voices are an important piece of understanding the complex legislative issue.

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