Salon Talks: Sonja Sohn of "The Wire"

Shortly after Gray's death, Baltimore broke out into a series of peaceful protests, acts of resistance and property destruction that will soon be known as the "Baltimore Uprising." Sonja Sohn, celebrated actress and star of HBO's "The Wire," joined "Salon Talks" to present her new HBO documentary, "Baltimore Rising," which follows activists and community leaders leading up to the unrest in combination with the aftermath of Gray's killing.

One of the film's stars, Lt. Col. Melvin Russell, who heads the Baltimore Police Department's Community Collaboration Unit, also joined Salon to discuss the impact of documenting a city on edge in real time. The conversation quickly turned to Trump's law and order agenda advocating police aggression. Trump's rhetoric on police brutality "almost, almost gives a stamp of approval on that deep rooted police culture," Russell said.

Sohn pointed to the militarization of police as well. "I think the real danger is that law enforcement in this country is now being woven into the military," she said. "Law enforcement is actually in community with our folks and there should be a difference." Watch the video above to hear more about the activists whose personal connections to the movement weave together the story of "Baltimore Rising."

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