Breaking down the super girl standard

"Girls worry a lot more about impressing other people," New York Times best-selling author Rachel Simmons told Salon’s Alli Joseph on "Salon Talks." Her new book, “Enough As She Is," discusses overcoming the impossible standards of success that have been set for young women. Simmons presents tools for teaching girls to value their self-worth, preparing them with the right lessons for adulthood and addresses the growing mental health crisis among adolescents. On "Salon Talks," Simmons unpacked the habitual ritual of self-hate many girls experience, why they use social media differently than boys at the same age and how parents can support girls.

Through her research, Simmons learned that it’s not all about leaning in and encouraging girls to be confident. “You’re not going to reach your full potential if it’s all about being confident and brave and asking for what you need,” Simmons said. “You also have to lean inside. You have to have self-compassion. You have to know what you’re feeling. You have to pursue what you care about and not perform for other people.”

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