Salon Talks: Whitney Cummings

The stand-up comic, actor and creator/co-creator of two network sitcoms, including the long-running "Two Broke Girls," joined “Salon Talks” to share the experience that led her to writing her memoir "I'm Fine ... And Other Lies." Whitney Cummings delivers a frank, deeply moving account of her experiences with codependence, eating disorders, abortion, consent and fertility in the book. And it’s hilarious too. Cummings calls it a “self-help book that’s funny.”

She goes deep on lessons about advocating for yourself, especially with health care. On “Salon Talks,” Cummings explained her experience with an abortion as a teenager. “I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t emotional. I just went numb,” she said. “I didn’t really process it until I sat down and started writing this book.”

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