Salon Talks: Mike Epps

Comedian Mike Epps joins Salon's D. Watkins to share his hilarious and deeply insightful new memoir "Unsuccessful Thug: One Comedian's Journey from Naptown to Tinseltown." Best known for playing Day Day Jones in "Next Friday" and its sequel, "Friday After Next," and also for appearing in "The Hangover" and "The Hangover Part III" as Black Doug, Epps details his amazing come up story from the kid getting in trouble in Indianapolis to one of the most recognizable comedians in Hollywood.

"Experience is the best teacher for every human being on this earth and ain't no substitute for it," Epps told Salon. "I think that you just have to go through it." Check out the full interview above to hear about Epps encountering the KKK at his school, his relationship with his mom and how he is preparing to take on the role of Richard Pryor in a new film.

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