Salon Talks: Andie MacDowell

Actor Andie MacDowell talks love, loss and her starring role in the new film “Love After Love,” which is an authentic look at how a family handles grief. On “Salon Talks,” MacDowell said she tapped into loss in her own life to connect with the pain her character experiences after losing her husband in the film. “The acting was very real,” MacDowell shared with Salon’s Alli Joseph. “We would start the scene on our own improving and then do the dialogue.”

“Love After Love,” directed by Russell Harbaugh, features MacDowell’s first ever nude scene, which she says is so hard to find in roles for women after age 40. “Hollywood has a tendency to glorify youth,” MacDowell said. “Men in their 40s and 60s, that’s when their career takes off, and it’s sad that they don’t do the same thing for women because we are as equally interesting and sexy during those years.”

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