Ron Livingston of "Office Space"

The "Office Space" icon, actor Ron Livingston, joins Salon's Alli Joseph to talk about his newest project, "Loudermilk," a comedy series on the Audience Network about a recovering alcoholic and his very negative outlook on life

which despite its premise, is hilarious. "Part of the fun of this show is that if you're dealing with addicts, you're self-selecting for a group of people who have poor impulse control, make bad decisions, let people down. They're basically f**k ups who've failed everyone in their life," Livingston told SalonTV. The show is very much about finding humor during life's dark times. "I think it's universal," Livingston said about the type of comedy in "Loudermilk." "Everybody has down times in their life. I think there's something about it that cracks you wide open."

Watch the full interview above to hear Livingston open up about working with one of the show's creator Peter Farrelly, the director and writer behind "There's Something About Mary" and "Dumb and Dumber." Plus, Livingston comments on abuse allegations in the industry and his early career role in "Swingers"

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This interview originally aired on SalonTV on October 16, 2017.

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