Katie Couric

In a journalism career that's spanned nearly four decades, Katie Couric has talked to celebrities, newsmakers and heads of state. But in her new National Geographic series "America Inside Out with Katie Couric," the Emmy winner traveled the country talking to men and women from all walks of life about the flashpoint issues we're facing now as a nation

including race, technology and our uneasy relationship with our own history. Although the series was filmed last summer, the #MeToo movement of the past several months have made "The Revolt," her episode on gender equality, all the more timely.

"A lot happened since I embarked on that exploration," she told Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams during a recent episode of "Salon Talks." "Then of course, everything erupted.... It's been a real education for me over these recent months to understand that certain things happened, but also the power structure, and what that meant for women as they were pursuing their careers.... I think it's gotten everyone's attention, and companies are really evaluating the culture that exists in their walls."

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