Childish Gambino's big moment

Heralded as a modern-day genius by some and labeled as a flawed messenger by others, Donald Glover's star undeniably rose to a new level when he dropped the highly controversial song and video "This is America." On "Salon Talks," Salon's D Watkins gets to the bottom of the messaging within the video, the imagery and its impact with producer Danielle Young from The Root and Complex's editor in chief Damien Scott.

"I find it interesting the way black people now treat Donald Glover and Jordan Peele, because years ago no one would have given them the time of day. Dave Chappelle completely trashed Jordan Peele and Key in his stand up saying those guys stole my show," Damien Scott told Salon. "Donald Glover's music was never accepted by what I'd call the barber shop crew, like you'd never go to the barbershop and people talking about Camp or any other Donald Glover album." This has changed since "This is America" exploded on the internet and every streaming service, and widened Glover's lane in pop culture.

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