Survival mode is over in Hollywood

The Hollywood veteran, who is starring in director Sally Potter’s latest “The Party,” is finished with feeling lucky for her successful career. "We've all been in survival mode as women," Patricia Clarkson told Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams on “Salon Talks.” “So often in my life, I've talked about being lucky. No man in his late 40s, 50s, 60s, says, 'Wow, I'm lucky.' I'm not lucky to be working in my 50s; it's what should be happening. Men are always working."

For the Emmy Award-winning actress the solution is simple, get more women involved in front of the camera and behind it. Her latest project, “The Party,” is led by writer and director Sally Potter, a collaboration that Clarkson has found very fulfilling. “It's a privilege, pleasure to be directed by a woman, we need more female voices behind the camera.” Clarkson isn’t opposed to working with male directors, but recognizes there is a distinct difference, “I have loved the male directors I've worked with, I love them, I would work with them again also, but it's nice that my career has had a female voice inside of it.”

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