A feminist's guide for men

The Tony Award-winning creator of “The Vagina Monologues,” Eve Ensler, has built her career around giving space for women and the often lifelong experience they undergo coming back into their bodies after trauma. The lessons in her plays, she points out to Salon, are very applicable men today. “Men have to make the same determination that women made at some point when they became feminists,” Ensler said in light of recent revelations of rape and abuse across industries. “It has never been our issue. We don’t rape ourselves,” she continued. “We don’t go out and beat ourselves.”

Watch the video above for Ensler’s advice on what men can do to be better. And, check out the full episode with Ensler to learn about her one-woman show “In the Body of the World,” now playing in New York, a deeply personal play that explores her physical and emotional journey with cancer.

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