A community where all are welcome

Imagine a group of people who don’t obsess over ego and a place where relationships matter more than traditional symbols of success. In a beautiful forest near Paris director Randall Wright found L'Arche commune. He joined Salon to discuss his new documentary “Summer in The Forest” that tells a part of the community’s story. Wright describes L’Arche as a place “of mutuality where people with disabilities and people without disabilities become friends.”

For Wright, the journey through L’Arche’s rolling green forests was personal. The director told Salon, “I'm someone who was afraid of people with intellectual disabilities. I didn't know how to approach them. I didn't know why I was afraid. And the reason I made the film was I wanted to somehow deal with that.” Wright admits that he wasn’t learning about the residents, he was learning from them. “A lot of people when they go to L'Arche, feel it is a well turned upside down where the least powerful people are suddenly in charge of their lives,” Wright said.

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