Flipping the script on sexiness

Actor Andie MacDowell isn’t shying away from talking about her age. On “Salon Talks” she called out ageism in Hollywood and admitted that she has struggled with finding roles since she turned 40 two decades ago. “Hollywood has a tendency to glorify youth and they don't understand particularly mature women,” MacDowell said while sharing details about her starring role in the new film “Love After Love.”

The actor is calling on Hollywood to start developing more films showing relationships with sexy, mature women. “I am still a very interesting actress at this age and for such a long time on film mature, older man have been with much younger women. What happens when you do that is psychologically we all feel that the man is gorgeous, right, because it's normal and he deserves to have this young person,” MacDowell continued. “We have to have the opposite because when we start having the opposite, the world will see women differently.”

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