Salon Stage: Josh Ritter

The pursuit of perfection keeps this multifaceted artist creating.

Josh Ritter, the musician, artist and New York Times best-selling author, joined “Salon Talks” to perform “Thunderbolt’s Goodnight” and “Dreams” off his ninth studio full-length album “Gathering.” The Idaho native, who grew up idolizing Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, was included in Paste Magazine’s top 100 greatest living songwriters alive in 2006.

“Song writing is my life’s work,” Ritter said. “There is the joy of hearing the lock click and hearing something and knowing that there’s a song in there and you’re gonna find it.”

From acrylic on canvas to becoming a New York Times best-selling author for his 2011 novel “Bright's Passage,” Ritter describes his motivation to keep creating. ?“Creating in all of its ways keeps a free flow of movement of ideas through my mind.”

Ritter’s career spans over 20 years and he shows no sign of slowing down. “I always try to move forward and that often means I’m dissatisfied with my work. But that is what propels me forward always: the idea that I might get it perfect next time.”

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