Taye Diggs is helping parents talk about race

How early is too early to start talking to your kids about race and identity? Actor Taye Diggs joined Salon’s Rachel Leah on “Salon Talks” to discuss his role in the new Netflix romantic comedy “Set It Up,” and where his family life meets his art, through his side career as a children’s book author.

Diggs turned his childhood experiences with race into two children’s books, “Chocolate Me!” and “Mixed Me!” and will release an upcoming title in September 2018, “I Love You More Than…” about parents who doesn’t see their child as often as they would like. When Diggs showed the books to his young son, the reaction was unexpected. “With ‘Chocolate Me!’ that was my experience, and I couldn’t wait to share with my son my experience of like growing up chocolate in an all-white neighborhood,” Diggs told SalonTV. “But I realized that I rushed into that whole race conversation maybe a little too early prior to me reading this book to my son, he didn’t know that there was any difference.”

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