MSNBC Anchor Lawrence O’Donnell on How the Media Covers Police Brutality

MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” host Lawrence O’Donnell is calling on everyone to question police shootings and document questionable police behavior. On “Salon Talks,” O’Donnell, one of the first journalists to cover police brutality as it unfolded in Boston in the 1970s, offered this advice. “The thing that the police departments don’t want and the thing the prosecutors don’t want is any attention. They’re just hoping that no one’s going to ask any questions. If no one asks any questions that this is going to go in a very smooth direction for police officers,” O’Donnell told Salon’s D. Watkins. He continued “As far as I can tell, that era is over.” Watch the video above to learn more about O’Donnell’s take on why the mainstream media is finally paying attention o police shootings.

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