Stop using troops as political tools

President Trump wants tanks to roll down the streets of Washington, but many service members are balking at the plan for a military parade. Salon’s Alyona Minkovski spoke to three veterans on “Salon Now,” who all agreed that the multi-million dollar cost of a parade would be better spent on helping the VA address issues like homelessness, mental health and educational services.

Matthew Hoh, a former Marine corps officer, suggested that there be a second parade the day after “where the amputees come walking down the street.” He continued: “We roll the caskets of all the veterans who’ve killed themselves” to show the realities of war. Nate Terani, the first Muslim American to be in the Navy Presidential Honor Guard, said that his unit exists to “uphold the honor and dignity and sacred diversity of the American people, not to parade cruise missiles down Constitution Avenue for Trump’s ego.” Watch the full video to hear more of their frustrations.

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