Salon Talks: Theodora Richards

The model, visual artist and the daughter of Rolling Stone Keith Richards and model Patti Hanson is carrying on her father's legacy in music. Theodora Richards hosts her own monthly music show on Sirius XM called "Off the Cuff" where she has interviewed everyone from Sean Lennon to Sheryl Crow.

Richards' format is combining groovy, nostalgic tunes that "you don't normally hear on the radio everyday," she told Salon's Alli Joseph on "Salon Talks." "That's what I love about my show."

Growing up in such an artistic home, curating personal mixtapes for her mom, and in general, having a deep love and appreciation for music, this radio show feels like a dream job, Richards said.

The early musical lessons from her dad still impact her, too. Richards said in her house as a kid, classical music played in the morning, reggae in the afternoon and rock 'n' roll "all night long." And, as long as the Rolling Stones keep touring, Richards is right by her dad's side.

On "Salon Talks," Richards reflected on her favorite artists, sexual harassment in the entertainment industry and the Richards' family dynamic.

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