Salon Talks: Director Errol Morris

Director Errol Morris explores CIA mind control and LSD in his latest project "Wormwood," debuting on Netflix December 15.

Morris is the director of legendary films "The Thin Blue Line," "Tabloid" and the Oscar-winning "The Fog of War." His newest project, a six-part docudrama, "Wormwood," stars Peter Sarsgaard and explores the mysterious true story behind the death of U.S. scientist Frank Olson. At the time of his death, Olson was involved in a U.S. sanctioned program called MK-Ultra, later known as the infamous CIA mind control program.

"Wormwood" blends elements of both documentary actuality and fictional reenactments to explore the limits of our historical knowledge and just how far we're willing go in search of the truth. Morris told "Salon Talks" that he believes humans have a strong connection to truth. "The fact that we know about truth and pursue truth, gives us a modicum of dignity," Morris said.

The Netflix miniseries follows Olson's son on his 60-year quest to uncover the true circumstances surrounding his father's mysterious death. After 22 years of the CIA denying any involvement, they were forced to admit spiking Olson's glass with LSD right before his death. Furthermore, the family believes that the CIA's role was an even more active one and allege that the agency murdered Frank Olson because he knew too much.

Regardless of whose suspicions are valid, "Wormwood" brings viewers face to face with some of America's darkest secrets. Watch the interview about to hear Morris talk about the state of documentary, truth and conspiracy today.

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