Salon Talks: Anthrax's Scott Ian

The hard rocking guitarist reveals his craziest moments from life on the road with Anthrax, one of the founding bands of the thrash metal genre.

On "Salon Talks" Ian shared his tales of debauchery, booze and mayhem, many of which are chronicled in his new memoir "Access All Areas: Stories of a Hard Rock Life." Some of Ian's wild moments off stage include blacking out with chef Mario Batali, accompanying Madonna to a strip club and playing a zombie on the hit TV show "The Walking Dead."

Ian also reflected on the music industry. When asked why metal bands like Anthrax last so long in the business, Ian responded candidly. "Cause we are a bunch of stubborn idiots. I don't know. Because we love what we do. I mean I know that's my reason. I still love playing. I love being in a band."

Watch the full interview above to hear how Ian became a professional poker player by accident.

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