Salon Talks: Vicky Krieps

The relative newcomer shares the spotlight with the acting legend in his final film.

Vicky Krieps, star of director Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film “Phantom Thread,” talks about building chemistry with Day-Lewis and how she found herself in her character Alma on “Salon Talks.”

Phantom Thread” is set in 1950s post-war London where Reynolds Woodcock (played by Day-Lewis), a renown dressmaker who dresses socialites, movie stars and royalty falls in love with Alma. Krieps’ character Alma is a strong-willed woman who eventually becomes Woodcock’s muse and lover.

Krieps shared the experience of working with Paul Thomas Anderson and his approach to working with actors. “Paul really, I think for all of us, he left us a lot of freedom to do it the way we do it,” she said. “He just really trusts you as an actor. Like when he casts you, then afterwards he’s just really trusting his own choice in a way, and you to be this character. And he will come to you and say ‘What do you think Alma would do, Alma would say?’”

“Phantom Thread” is out in theaters December 25. Watch the full conversation with Krieps above to hear about her new appreciation for fashion and the Oscars hype around the film.

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