Male sex assault victims join movement

Zeke Thomas, a DJ, music producer and son of NBA star Isiah Thomas, is speaking out about his experience with sexual assault.

Thomas, who collaborated with and performed with music legends Jay-Z, Diana Ross, Lady Gaga, Chuck-D, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Pitbull and Cher, is the first male ambassador for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

His song “Dealin’ With It” addresses his experience with coming to terms with his sexual assault. All of the proceeds from that song go to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center and GLAAD, the LGBTQ advocacy group.

The song’s music video taps into some of those feelings. When Thomas visited “Salon Talks,” Salon’s Rachel Leah asked him about the “Dealin’ With It” music video in which men are depicted physically assaulting him and kicking him to the ground. “The purpose of that image is really just to show the beatdown that the mind and body takes,” Thomas said. “The assault is truly a horrific event, but the trauma that follows and just the weight, the depression, that is the monster that you have to beat.”

Watch the full episode above for more on why Thomas thinks the sports industry is getting ahead of sexual misconduct and tips for dealing with friends and family revealing sexual violence experiences.

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