Beauty after 50 is about mindset

One of modeling's first African-American supermodels to break barriers in the industry, is now setting a different standard for beauty for women of all ages.

Veronica Webb, who has walked the Victoria's Secret runway and appeared on the covers of Vogue, Essence and Elle magazines, is now deputy beauty director at the Root. According to Webb, aging is a natural form of life and should be talked about openly. On "Salon Talks," she advocated for women to openly talk about menopause and learn about how their bodies are affected by aging.

Webb also shares how she has stayed physically and mentally fresh by leaning into a new physical challenge each year. She has learned figure skating, run marathons and hopes to take up martial arts this year. For Webb, it's about evolving. "How can things get better? How can things get bigger? How can I build?"

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