How to shut down narcissist liars

Is Trump gaslighting us all? Are you personally the target of gaslighter in your life? The effect known as "gaslighting" can result in a person ultimately questioning the very foundation that they stand on.

Are the Trump administration's pretty little lies destroying us all, or at least playing us? Licensed psychoanalyst Robin Stern joined Salon's Alli Joseph to share signs, effects and strategies for dealing with the ultimate form of manipulation

gaslighting. The tactic is used when a person targets a person or group in order to propagate doubt in the person's memories, identity and sanity.

Stern is the author of "The Gaslight Effect: How to Spot and Survive the Hidden Manipulation Others Use to Control Your Life." The author drew inspiration for the book from a 1944 movie "Gas Light," in which she recognized the character's behaviors as a common phenomena among her patients. "I was seeing it not only among my patients but among my friends and it happened to me as well," Stern told Salon. Stern shares tips with Salon for identifying this dangerous behavior and the steps to breaking up "Gaslighters" in your own life.

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