Salon Talks: Lesley Manville

The Academy Award-nominated actor joins Salon’s Alli Joseph to talk about her role in the new Paul Thomas Anderson fashion-passion love story “Phantom Thread,” in which she stars alongside Daniel Day-Lewis.

Manville opened up about the challenges of taking on the role of Cyril, who is the beloved sister and business partner to Day-Lewis' character Reynolds Woodcock, a renown dressmaker in 1950s post-war London. “This is a character I need to create who's going to do a lot silently,” Manville told SalonTV. Manville said she knew Cyril could convey so much with just a look, which was a natural counterpoint to Day-Lewis’ role as the tortured artist who wears his heart on his sleeve. “She’s the pragmatist. She runs the house and organizes the diary and the day and the clients. And oversees everything with this kind of pristine, immaculate order,” Manville said.

Watch the full episode above to hear Manville talk more about collaborating on set with Anderson, the difference between acting on a movie set versus the stage and how she got an official role as a Officer of the British Empire. And watch SalonTV’s interview with "Vicky Krieps" who plays Alma in “Phantom Thread.”

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