Lying to the FBI has consequences

What does a 21-year veteran of the FBI make of General Michael Flynn pleading guilty to the bureau?

Jeff Ringel, director of the Soufan Group and a former FBI supervisor, joined “Salon Talks” to discuss what the implications are for Flynn, the former National Security Advisor to the Trump administration pleaded guilty on December 1st for lying to the FBI about policy conversations with the Russian Ambassador before Trump was sworn in as President.

Flynn is the first senior administration official to agree to “cooperate fully” with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into 2016 election meddling. “That means that Flynn is “going to need to spell out everything that he’s done that’s illegal,” Ringel said.

While Flynn didn’t name any other Trump campaign officials in the guilty plea released to the public, but Ringel believes this resembles an organized crime case, where it builds from the bottom up. “When he starts to mention dates and names and things that happened, there could be many more people wrapped up in this investigation.”

Salon’s Amanda Marcotte and Alyona Minkovski also discussed that while this news was getting all the attention, Republicans in Congress were pushing through a major tax bill, perhaps with more speed than usual due to fears that this investigation could reach President Trump.

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