From real life to Bravo TV show

The SiriusXM radio show host shares how she brought the hilarious elements of own upbringing to screen, and the various roles she's played in the process: from writer, to producer, to actor.

"I always knew that I wanted to act when I was younger," Kargman said on "Salon Talks." It was through her writing, however, where Kargman found early success and hope when her screenplays began to receive traction from networks. "I just stopped getting excited because I knew it was gonna languish in a vault somewhere."

Her book "Momzillas" and an essay collection "Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut" was purchased by NBC, which later evolved into the scripted comedy series "Odd Mom Out." The show, in which she also stars, revolves around the outrageous world of extremely wealthy mothers of New York's Upper East Side.

Currently Kargman's focused on unscripted programming, but in the same sphere. She navigates parenting, relationships and city living in her SiriusXM show "The Jill Kargman Show." She offered this piece of advice she's gained through her multifaceted media career

"I had such a weird circuitous route," Kargman said. "I only know what worked for me, and I don't have a general advice thing except, write the way you talk, write the way it's yourself. Don't over edit, don't write for the marketplace, don't write what your agent or your friends think is like a hot area. Just write what's clawing its way out of you, because that's the only way it's gonna be the balsamic reduction of who you are."

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