President shows lack of empathy for disaster

In the wake of a major natural disaster that caused massive damage to the island of Puerto Rico, President Trump downplayed the effects of Hurricane Maria and acted with a lack of concern for the residents.

Julianna Forlano, a comedian and senior correspondent for, had sharp words for the President on "Salon Talks," reacting to an image of Trump throwing out paper towels to a crowd on the island. "Maybe it reveals clearly that he has no empathy for people," Forlano said. "He also said that, well, Maria was no Hurricane Katrina, as if it wasn't a disaster. I mean, people's relatives are dying, there's no food. Paper towels are not gonna do it".

The president also made fun of the pronunciation of Puerto Rico at an event for Hispanic Heritage Month. "This is how comedy gets destroyed, because that is not funny, and he thinks that it is," Forlano said.

Forlano joined "Salon Talks" to break down the funniest political moments of the year, but most of the subjects involved moments that paint a dark picture about the Trump administration and its relationship voters and a general distaste for the truth.

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