"Parks and Recreation" actor wants a sustainable planet

Nick Offerman is delivering an important message of sustainability and sharing his appreciation of traditional craftsmanship.

The actor's "Parks and Recreation" character Ron Swanson is a fan of artisanal craftsmanship and woodworking, which are two passions the actor himself has an affection for. In fact, he owns a wood shop in California and remains devoted to teaching the lessons of sustainability that he learned growing up, such as growing his own food. On "Salon Talks," the actor expressed concern about consumerism. "Since industrialism has taken over our society, we've been going very quickly, altogether holding hands in the wrong direction. And we're somewhat aware of it."

Although environmental activism is alive and well today, it's not always inclusive of the agricultural issues facing rural America, however, Offerman is optimistic about recent trends toward sustainable craftsmanship. "I’m heartened by the fact that there’s been a trend of artisanal crafts catching on, but I’m afraid it’s only trendy at the moment. I feel it’s symptomatic of a deficiency that we’re feeling as a society."

Offerman does have hope for the future. "I think eventually, by my generation, and now the millennials, have this sense of, who made these clothes, where is my food coming from, what's under this linoleum? Oh, there's an oak floor. Why did anybody ever cover this up? And so, I'm just trying to foment that movement to say, yes, that's right, if you refinish your floor, and learn how to make your clothes, and do all these things in your local community, it feeds you and it heals you in so many ways."

Watch the clip above to learn more about how Offerman hopes to inspire a shift back to tradition to create a more sustainable future for the planet.

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