Trump's presidency and the future of the GOP

Conservative radio host Charlie Sykes weighs in on what Trump's presidency means for the future of the GOP.

Sykes was the top-rated conservative talk show host in Wisconsin - a central figure in edging the Badger State from solid blue to purple to reddish over the last decade or so - who made national headlines with his confrontational interview with Donald Trump in March 2016, when the real estate tycoon was the unlikely Republican frontrunner after his early primary wins. Unlike most other figures in conservative media and the Republican Party who were initially horrified and amazed by the rise of Trump, Sykes never recanted. He became the object of unbridled hatred and fury from the Trumpian base; if the term "cuckservative" wasn't invented to describe him, he remains its textbook example.

Sykes spoke with Salon's Andrew O'Hehir on "Salon Talks" about how he finds himself without a party or a movement at the moment, and his book "How the Right Lost Its Mind," which is a bitter, funny, irresistible account of how he got there. Watch the interview above to hear Sykes discuss why the American conservative movement shed nearly all its purported core values for exciting new threads of racism, nativism and right-wing nationalism.

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