What is 2018's unifying message?

Is being anti-Trump enough for the Democrats to win 2018 midterms? Katrina Vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of The Nation, joined Salon’s executive editor Andrew O'Hehir for a conversation around the political dangers of anti-Trumpism and the future of the Democratic Party.

Vanden Heuvel has been disappointed by the Democrats and progressives and their response to the populist wave that carried Trump into the presidency. Furthermore, she explains to Salon why she’s disheartened by the left’s tunnel vision on Trump’s campaign lies. “Simply exposing Trump's bait and switch is important, but to me it's not enough. I think you need to lay out some clear bold alternatives of what you're for,” she said.

Vanden Heuvel goes on to say that while anti-Trump sentiments may be strong enough to carry candidates in 2018, it’s a “lost opportunity” for Democrats to offer a unifying vision for the future of America. Watch the video above to learn why Vanden Heuvel remains optimistic.

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