Music video premiere: Amos Lee’s “Dying White Light” is healing hate on Charlottesville anniversary

One year after the white supremacist riot in Charlottesville, VA, singer-songwriter Amos Lee is using his music to help listeners heal from hate with a new song “Dying White Light”, available now. Salon is premiering the video for the song, which you can watch above. Lee’s deep connections to the Charlottesville community prompted him to write and reflect on the realities of hate and the alt-right’s presence in America.

“We all watched the news when that stuff went down. I was crying. It’s just amazing to me that an openly hateful group of people can march in a city and feel the things they feel together,” Lee told Salon. “I can't even comprehend how you can wake up with that much hate in your heart every day.”

Lee wrote “Dying White Light” from the perspective of the wife of a white supremacist who is trying to shield her children from the intense bigotry around them. The singer-songwriter did not feel "Dying White Light" would fit the tone and themes of his upcoming album, “My New Moon,” out August 31, so he is releasing the song one year after Charlottesville and donating proceeds to the Heal Charlottesville Foundation, which focuses on solving racial inequality and addressing bias.

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