Listen to Masego’s totally unique sound on “Salon Stage,” and on his debut full-length album “Lady Lady”

Masego's official debut album, "Lady Lady," released last week, embodies the "TrapHouseJazz" genre he coined. It's a mash up of instruments and genres delivering a sonic journey that is wholly unique. Beyond the inventive soundscapes that underscore the project, "Lady Lady" is infused with stories of relationships and interactions with women. It's an album of reflections.

During a "Salon Stage" live session, Masego demonstrated his mastery of instrumentation by reinventing his song "Navajo" live, including a special interlude where he picks up the saxophone. Watch the video above, and check out the full live session on YouTube.

"I think it's great because it's really just a bunch of stories and I love storytelling and hip hop," Masego told SalonTV. "I feel like that's what really made me enjoy making the album. Jam sessions, storytelling, and just praising women for the influence they've had to making me who I am today."

For some artists who have been in the music industry for years like Masego and received cosigns from major artists, there may be pressure associated with delivering a debut album. But Masego manages to always rejoice in the moment. "I'm not going to pretend every single step is easy," he said, adding: "There's a lot of laughter in the journey and a lot of great music and creation."

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