Activist Soraya Chemaly rethinks how schools can create equitable communities for kids

Although author and activist Soraya Chemaly spends much of her new book, "Rage Becomes Her," examining the current culture and what we can do right now to make a more equitable, healthy society for all men and women, she also isn't afraid to think long-term. After all, the adults running the world right now don't exactly inspire a lot of confidence in their willingness to evolve.

"The biggest obstacles that I see in the education system actually come from the parents, from school boards, from moneyed people in private schools who are going to penalize the school if the school pushes too much, if the school talks about diversity too much," Chemaly told Mary Elizabeth Williams on "Salon Talks."

Chemaly cited a story she knew of, in which "a school responded to one administrator's attempt to have a diversity day — and if you have to have a diversity day, that means you're not having a diversity culture. And the pushback from parents was that 'There's just too much talk about diversity.'"

"I think that's pretty common in some places," she said, adding, "The kids want to have the conversations. That, I think, is a positive sign."

Watch the video to hear more about why Chemaly thinks liberals and progressives get in their own way when it comes to institutions.

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