The pain of mass shootings inspired singer-songwriter Amos Lee to write this song

America’s broken political cycle and unthinkable mass shooting tragedies, turns out, have inspired some good, thoughtful music from Amos Lee. The Philadelphia-born singer and songwriter’s new album “My New Moon,” which he performed acoustic renditions of on “Salon Stage,” was created in the midst of attempting to understand the frustrating state of partisanship in America.

Lee explained to SalonTV why he is striving for a deeper conversation around issues and community with his new music, and in particular with the song “No More Darkness, No More Light.”

“Some days if you read enough news, obviously, you can just feel overwhelmed and just angry. I want to help unite people and it's a strange thing to do want to do these days, because the conversation is so broken,” Lee told SalonTV.

Lee is no stranger to politically charged anthems. Earlier in this summer, he released “Dying White Light,” a song inspired by the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally one year ago.

For “No More Darkness, No More Light,” Lee was affected deeply by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. Lee explained how his frustration inspired him to write.

“I just had a flash of how broken things can be when we get into these divisive conversations about major issues. It seems like keeping kids safe in schools is something that shouldn’t really be divisive.”

Watch the video above to hear Lee’s acoustic version of “No More Darkness, No More Light,” and check out the full performance to hear more songs from his new album. Also, watch the music video for his song “Dying White Light” on Salon.

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