Ralph Nader is skeptical midterms will be a blue wave: Democrats “could blow it again”

Former presidential candidate Ralph Nader and consumer advocate, joined “Salon Talks” this week to weigh in on midterms and discuss his recent book “To the Ramparts: How Bush and Obama Paved the Way for the Trump Presidency, and Why It Isn't Too Late to Reverse Course”.

To a significant extent, Nader’s post-2000 career — including his non-Green Party presidential campaigns in 2004 and 2008 — has been devoted to an extended argument that he was right to do what he did, right about the weakness and corruption of the Democratic Party, and right to try to rattle the American people into seizing control of their supposed democracy.

In terms of 2018, on “Salon Talks,” Nader was somewhat hopeful about progressive candidates, but cautious. “They talk about a blue wave. The Democrats could blow it again. They blew it in 2010, '12, '14, and '16, against the worst Republican Party that Kafka could ever imagine. Cruel, vicious, ignorant, Wall Street-indentured, warmongering, anti-labor, anti-woman, anti-consumer, anti-children

these are their votes in Congress. Why aren't the Democrats landsliding them?”

There are many reasons to listen to Ralph Nader, who has been right more often than wrong — and that’s true even if you believe he made a catastrophically bad decision to campaign in swing states in the fall of 2000.

He’s right that both political parties and both preceding presidents have collaborated in creating the fiasco of Donald Trump’s America. He’s right that the political and economic playing field has been tilted so far toward corporations and the rich that most Americans now accept that as normal, and that that will surely kill off what remains of democracy if it is not reversed.

Watch Salon’s full interview with Nader to hear his solutions for how liberals can move on from Donald Trump and why he thinks third parties like the Green Party are a necessary answer to America’s two-party system.

Plus, watch Nader break down why the 2000 election was not his fault. Instead, he blames Al Gore and the Florida Democrats who voted for George W. Bush.

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