Watch The Jayhawks perform “Everybody Knows” live on “Salon Stage”

The Jayhawks performed "Everybody Knows" off their latest album "Back Roads and Abandoned Motels," on "Salon Stage."

After the live session on "Salon Stage," the band's frontman Gary Louris explained to Salon the Minneapolis band's tendency to not fit into a mold or genre in the music industry since they formed in 1984. Louris attributes that flexibility to the band's continued success today.

"We've always been in between the seams you know? We've never been embraced by certain camps but in other ways we've never fallen out of style because we were never apart of a particular scene that was dated," Louris said.

Ten albums later, The Jayhawks are still in it to make great music and play live. Louris explained, "When we go out there and play and these people come up and you see them singing. Or they come up and tell you how the music helped, it's tremendous. You just feel like you're not such a self-centered person and maybe you do have a purpose in life."

Watch the video above to hear The Jayhawks play an acoustic version of "Everybody Knows," off their new album. "Back Roads and Abandoned Motels" is available now. Watch The Jayhawks' full set on Salon.

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