Georgia's mass voter purge: Why was this 92-year-old voter denied on Election Day?

In the video above, courtesy of journalist Greg Palast, watch 92-year-old Christine Jordan, Martin Luther King Jr.'s cousin, denied her right to vote in the midterm elections in Georgia.

According to Palast, the journalist who previously tipped Salon off to the widespread voter disenfranchisement in Georgia last month, Jordan is a potential victim of gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp's mass cancellation of voter registrations, in which more than half a million Georgians were purged.

In his race against Democrat Stacey Abrams, Kemp, who just announced that he is resigning from his role as Georgia's Secretary of State, allegedly pulled off a mass voter purge, including identifying voters who were thought to have moved out of state or moved out of their congressional district.

Palast sued Kemp in federal court to obtain the names and addresses of each voter whose rights were canceled.

While Kemp's resignation means he wouldn't certify the state's votes once an official winner is declared, it does not address the fact that thousands of voter registrations were put on hold, massive voter purges occurred and technical problems required voters to stand on long lines on Election Day

all factors that could have cost Abrams the election.

As the race stands now, when the final votes are counted, if Kemp's total falls under 50 percent of the popular vote, an automatic runoff will take place.


Photo credit: David Ambrose for the Palast Investigative Fund


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