#MeToo and power in 2018: Celebs weigh in on Hollywood's new direction

2018 was a breakthrough year for discussions around power dynamics and gender in Hollywood. SalonTV compiled our best interviews of 2018 with actors, directors and industry players talking about how the growth of the MeToo and Time’s Up movement this year have impacted female creatives and their work.

Mira Sorvino, Christine Lahti, Andie MacDowell, Molly Ringwald and more discuss above.

Each of these excerpts are from “Salon Talks” episodes, which you can watch in full through the links below.

Watch Mira Sorvino on SalonTV

Watch Andie MacDowell on SalonTV

Watch Molly Ringwald on SalonTV

Watch “Blockers” director Kay Cannon on SalonTV

Watch Alison Pill on SalonTV

Watch Christine Lahti on SalonTV

Watch MeToo Founder Taran Burke on SalonTV

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