The political strategy behind Rudy Giuliani’s defense of Donald Trump

Rudolph Giuliani, President Donald Trump's lawyer, is not using legal arguments to defend his client, attorney and author Seth Abramson explained on "Salon Talks." When Giuliani comes out on Twitter and cable news in defense of the president, he's making political arguments.

"For Donald Trump, the Trump-Russia investigation really, for now, is a political question, whether or not he will impeached," Abramson told SalonTV's Dean Obeidallah. Given the fact that a sitting president cannot be tried for a crime, Abramson says, "Rudy Giuliani, to his credit, came out and transparently said, that's how I'm going to play this as a defense attorney. I'm not going to argue the law. I'm not going to argue the facts. I'm going to use rhetoric to talk politics."

Abramson's New York Times bestselling book "Proof of Collusion: How Donald Trump Betrayed America" extensively details over one hundred investigative stories covering Trump and Russia. He uses his knowledge of litigation and involvement between Trump and Russia to analyze Giuliani's actions regarding his client.

The former mayor of New York City has been acting as the president's defense attorney since April. Multiple media appearances and tweets have stirred controversy, including Giuliani calling out special counsel Robert Mueller, telling him to "put up or shut up," when talking to reporters.

Watch the video above to better understand Giuliani's as a defense attorney. And watch the full episode to hear Abramson's predictions for the outcomes of Trump's closest allies in Mueller's investigation.

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