If millennials can’t beat student debt, they’ll never own homes

How much student loan debt do you have? Gaby Dunn, author of "Bad with Money: The Imperfect Art of Getting Your Financial Sh*t Together," a millennial, and SalonTV host Mary Elizabeth Williams, a Gen Xer, discuss how different generations experience debt and how it’s having ripple effects on career choices, spending habits, saving opportunities and the decision to buy a home.

“You're 18 years old and they encourage you, or you know, tug on your emotions to take out so much money in loans, and you just want to go to school,” Dunn explained on “Salon Talks.” After college, Dunn remembers being overwhelmed by the debt she had accumulated. “Wait what, I have to pay back $60,000? I hadn't even heard of $60,000, that seemed insurmountable to me.”

In “Bad With Money,” Dunn wants to demystify the fear and taboos surrounding finance for millennials. Her book tackles issues like investing, budgeting, and how mental health affects erratic spending. “The book is relatable, not aspirational,” Dun said. “I still get into credit card debt and have to get out of it. I still make mistakes.”

Watch the video above to hear why Dunn and Williams think there’s a disconnect between generations on finances. And check out the full episode to hear why the most important financial advice is to embrace your inner Kurt Russell.

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