Could William Barr keep Mueller's report secret?

Why is Trump’s nominee for Attorney General William Barr not committing to releasing Mueller’s report to the public? As America waits for what University of Arizona professor of law and author Andrew Coan calls “potentially the most explosive special prosecutor investigation in US history,” the question remains if Barr would protect Trump. Coan, author of the newest book “Prosecuting the President: How Special Prosecutors Hold Presidents Accountable and Protect the Rule of Law,” gives an in-depth look on “Salon Talks” at how the Attorney General plays a crucial role in the handling of a special investigation.

Coan looks back at the Starr Report, which was released to the public by then independent counsel Kenneth Starr in 1998. The report, according to Coan, was a “ thick and salacious report on the Monica Lewinsky affair” with President Bill Clinton. But the jury is still out what Barr would do with Mueller’s report. On one hand, Coan says Barr has made “strong opening commitments to transparency,” but he also “offered various caveats” about exactly what he might disclose or not disclose to the public.

Watch the video above to hear Coan’s analysis of Barr’s testimony in his Senate hearing. And watch the full episode to learn how Watergate shaped presidential power in the United States.

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