Killer Mike on why “OG” Bernie Sanders can beat Trump and his new Netflix show “Trigger Warning"

Grammy Award-winning rapper Killer Mike joined SalonTV's D. Watkins for an honest and lively conversation around his radical ideas for reshaping America's perceptions on race, education and activism, and his advice on the 2020 election and the current government shutdown.

"You give me someone who's truly progressive and I'm fine," Killer Mike said on who he'd like to see face Donald Trump in the 2020. While Mike says he's still backing "the OG" Bernie Sanders, as he did in 2016, he would also support Democrats like Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner and former Georgia state Sen. Vincent Fort. But, he emphasized, "the only way to beat the joker is with batman," referencing Trump and Sanders. "I don't think anybody but Sanders beats him."

Mike isn't ruling out a run for local office himself. "I'm the first in my family to be independently wealthy," Killer Mike explained. "Let me have enough money so that when I finally run for office, I'm unbribe-able."

Killer Mike, who is also a businessman, activist and executive producer of his new Netflix series "Trigger Warning with Killer Mike," is using his show to confront misconceptions that impact the black community. Over the course of six episodes, he conducts social experiments, such as attempting to only spend money in the black community for three days and helping the Crips launch its own soda line.

Whether he's offering advice on black-run businesses, public schools or gun control laws, Mike made it clear to Salon that he's a listener first. "You have to be willing to listen to different perspectives," Mike told Watkins.

Watch the full episode above to hear more about the Netflix series, Mike's candid response to his controversial NRATV interview around gun ownership, and why he's not paying his taxes until Trump reopens the government.

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