Killer Mike vows not to pay taxes until US government reopens

In the midst of the longest government shutdown in American history, Killer Mike weighed in on President Donald Trump during an episode of “Salon Talks” with D. Watkins. “We need to watch France and what they do when they have a disagreement with government. They take to the streets and they shut it all down,” Killer Mike said.

The rapper, entrepreneur and activist developed his own solutions for solving some of America’s biggest problems in Netflix’s “Trigger Warning.” In the six-episode series, Mike explores supporting black-owned businesses, fixing race relations and disrupting America’s public school system.

Mike is vowing now to pay his taxes until the government opens up. “If the government is not reopen by March 15, everyone in America should not pay taxes on April 15,” he said on “Salon Talks.” He added, “TSA, even though you touch my balls every time I walk through there, I care and I want you guys to have your jobs, right? And thank you guys who let me keep my weed a couple times.”

Watch the full episode to hear more about the Netflix series and why Mike thinks America has failed its public schools.

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