Gretchen Carlson on #MeToo, from Fox News to McDonald's: "We need men in this fight"

Over two years after former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson settled her sexual harassment lawsuit against the channel's ex-CEO Roger Ailes for $20 million, she is helping other women tell their raw and real stories of harassment in the workplace. Carlson opens up to Salon about how she's trying to get answers for others, including calling out the companies who are failing them, like McDonald's, and why men are key in dismantling the tangled web of on-the-job abuse.

Carlson goes on the road and meets women across the country who are dealing with the fallout from reporting sexual harassment to their employers in her new documentary, "Gretchen Carlson: Breaking The Silence," available on Lifetime. "This whole wave that we've been experiencing where people have felt comfortable, more comfortable, coming forward, and the whole Me Too movement then spun off that, and it really brought me to the documentary that I wanted to feature more of the every woman's story instead of just famous Hollywood actor's stories," Carlson told "Salon Talks."

Carlson doesn't sugarcoat details. "Of all the thousands of women who have reached out to me, these are not just little stories about, hey, I like your haircut, or I like your blue top. These are horrific things like asking for a promotion just two years ago and a woman being told to get up on the desk and spread," Carlson said. " The idea that somebody still has to listen to that garbage while they're in the workplace is just absolutely unconscionable, and I think that the American public is one of the reasons this whole thing has continued is because the American public could not believe that this kind of stuff was still going on."

Watch the episode above to hear how Carlson is taking on McDonald's with the different stories she follows from three female employees at the fast food giant and why she says most companies need to change how they approach sexual harassment training. The film is the first in a series of projects Carlson is developing with Lifetime.

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