How do we parent our boys? Men need to step up, says Gretchen Carlson

“This is a rallying cry for men to join this fight,” Gretchen Carlson told Salon. The former Fox News anchor is referencing the #MeToo movement and bringing more accountability to women’s experiences with sexual abuse and harassment in and out of the workplace.

After coming out with her own story of sexual harassment against former Fox News CEO and chairman Roger Ailes over two years ago, Carlson is telling the underreported and unseen stories women face every day at work. Carlson’s new Lifetime documentary “Gretchen Carlson: Breaking the Silence,” is an inside look at the difficult hurdles women face when dealing with sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace, from legal barriers to gender obstacles.

Carlson is urging employers to see harassment as everyone’s issue, not just a women’s problem. “There's not just a silver-bullet fix for sexual harassment in our society. It's a tangled web,” Carlson told Salon. She continued, “It really actually is a man's issue predominantly, and yet we call it a woman's issue, that in and of itself gives it a negative connotation.”

Carlson makes the point that following this advice would result in better situations in the workplace. “We need them to hire more of us, pay us fairly, put us in roles of promotion and in board rooms. Because the interesting thing that doesn't happen when you have more women in powerful positions is sexual harassment.”

Beyond the film, Carlson is committed to being an agent of change around the issue. “I introduced legislation on Capitol Hill to get arbitration clauses out of employment contracts. I've been speaking at various other institutions, you know, companies, to try and get them to pay more attention to: are they doing enough?”

Watch the video above to hear her explain why sexual harassment needs to be looked at differently in order to solve it. And watch the full episode to learn why the structure of companies like McDonald’s has made reporting harassment difficult for many workers.

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